Do you Embark On a Virtual Date?

You’ve probably heard of 2nd Life. Really a software program produced hook ups in my area 2003 that allows customers to build avatars and explore an online globe. Consumers through their particular avatars can interact socially with others, participate in specific or party tasks, buy and trade home, travel around the world. Consumers buy clothing, objects, and gestures. You will find 18 million new users on Second Life.

A organization labeled as Weopia has taken this idea and used it to online dating. Their site states lets you “get a significantly better feeling of anyone”, “work more quickly than internet dating by yourself” and “to produce actuality dates doubly successful”.

The style operates such as this: you meet someone on an internet relationship solution. In email or on telephone you declare that you choose to go on a virtual big date. Among you joins Weopia and will pay $5. This person sends an anonymous e-mail invite to the other person. The two of you build an avatar for your go out. Then you can participate in one of several tasks – fly a hovercraft, go boating, hang gliding.  Or you can stay and “talk” via IM.

The service guarantees unrivaled privacy and protection controls.

So, is it creepy? A tremendously beneficial tool? An odd craze? The daring “” new world “”?

Do you use these types of a service?


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